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About Us

OlaSoles was founded with the mission to re-invent the authentic hand crafted Spanish espadrilles with beautiful organic Mallorcan fabrics. We stand for three principles: Style, Quality and Comfort.

 Our espadrilles are made of the finest Mediterranean fabrics designed and woven on the Spanish island of Mallorca, using organic cotton and linen. Then they are hand crafted by artisans in a small village in mainland Spain with the soles and interior of the espadrilles lined with the softest leather for extra comfort.

 OlaSoles espadrilles got started by Ana Martín who grew up in Spain and has been living in California. Ana has an amazing passion for beautiful fabrics and on a trip back home to Mallorca she came across the beautiful Mallorcan fabrics, known as  cloth of tongues, which are designed and woven using a 200 year old tradition.

 There the light bulb went on. “What if we could combine the quality and craftsmanship of Spanish hand made espadrilles, re-invent them with beautiful Mallorcan fabrics and introduce them in the United States?”

That’s how OlaSoles was born.


The Village Where OlaSoles Espadrilles Are Handcrafted

The Cloth of Tongue Fabrics Made in Mallorca